System Solutions by R. STAHL

Here at R. STAHL, we are able to completely customise any system solution to meet your requirements.

- Combination of multiple products and/or services
- Components of the systems complement one another and are brought together as “closed” troubleshooting.

R. STAHL produces and delivers not only single components and products to the customer, we deliver products based upon additional customer specific System Solutions for use in hazardous areas.

The system expert at R. STAHL will work with you to find a System Solution especially for your customisation based upon the requirements for your product.

Each solution is completely specific to your requirements, taken away from the catalogue and developed to purpose of your product. This guarantees an optimum fit and a specialised option for all of your needs. 

If you have a specialist requirement, please contact our Sales Director Colin Payne to find your special solution.

Colin Payne

Phone: 07887 596339


Please click the gallery link in the left hand column to view projects that we have been able to customise.